COOL DATE IDEA: take a really long nap with me

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If men aren’t allowed to have an opinion on abortion, then they shouldn’t have to contribute to federal funding of breast cancer research.

"if i cant control a woman’s body, then i want that body to die"

not to mention, men get breast cancer also. soooo…your argument is invalid.

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when people give me compliments I feel like a vending machine trying to accept a wrinkly dollar and it’s just really frustrating for everyone involved

I’ve never related to anything more in my life

This post touched me on a spiritual level

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dapper elsa strikes again

tally ho
tally ho
toodle pip pip cheerio



dapper elsa strikes again

tally ho

tally ho

toodle pip pip cheerio

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Accurate reaction to Sebastian Stan

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After months and months of captivity, some of my most popular fandom blends are being rebranded and re-released, this time as THE TEAS WHICH SHALL NOT BE NAMED.

To celebrate, this weekend only Adagio is offering ALL 12 of the blends in the collection as a sampler pack, rather than their standard pack of 6. Not only that, but we’ve decided to GIVE AWAY a full sampler pack to one awesome person!

Here’s the rundown of the giveaway:

  • Just like or reblog this post. Please be considerate and don’t spam your followers with it though.
  • Giveaway blogs are NOT eligible! That means if you’re selected as the winner and I go to your blog and see nothing but reblogs of giveaway posts, I will chose a new winner.
  • You do NOT have to be following me
  • You MUST be over 18, or have your parents permission to enter
  • You MUST live in a country/region that Adagio can ship to. That’s out of my control, honestly, there are just laws forbidding shipments of stuff like tea to certain countries. If you’re not sure if your country is eligible, please see Adagio’s shipping policies.
  • I’ll use a random number generator and chose a winner after the giveaway ends on Monday, May 26 at 10 pm EST

Good luck everyone! This post is long enough already, so for full descriptions of the teas, please visit their pages:

| the boy who… | our king | brains and bravery | late bloomer | godfather | the stag | the wolf | the rat | the sacrifice | spoiled snake | looney | the prince |

Get the sampler here!

Oooo tea

// My Thoughts on Testing. Feel Free to Disagree.//


I hate testing. Not the act itself, though it is horrible, but also the culture that is created around it. From the first day of First Grade, children are taught that test scores and quiz scores are the MOST important part of school. Nevermind, the social interchanges and nuances that they pick up from interacting with other human beings their own age, or that by learning to read and write they gain the ability to express what they feel past the basic verb-age of “okay” or “fine”. When they learn and throughout the process of learning to read a write, the most emphasized part of the process is the end-of-the-week-quiz that they are forcefully subjected to. More worrisome than the act of quizzing is the importance deemed to the scores that the children receive. From the first quiz onward you can influence a child, you can decide for them whether or not they will even care about school. This is also why, in my opinion, many children hate school, because while the parents are using their children as pawns in their relentless game of “who has the best kid” the children are continually pressured into making good grades, and some even punished when they don’t. Which is POINTLESS! Test scores are NOT accurate scales by which to  measure a human being, no matter the age! Some people test better than others, some people have bad days more so than others. There are THOUSANDS of different factors that go into what grade a child may or may not receive, but when the idea that testing is the measure for character is ingrained into their impressionable minds at such a young age it is extremely difficult to get rid of the idea and the negative self-confidence consequences that come with it, excluding the rare few who DO make good grades. It begins in the younger years, but as time passes, eventually come college time kids are OBSESSED with standardized test scores. But here’s the thing, THEY DO NOT MEASURE ACCURATELY! one could argue that mostly it measures the socioeconomic standing of the student’s family; if the student has the resources (ie. practice test booklets, money to hire a tutor, time to study as opposed to working a job, etc…) then they can cheat the system. Never mind actually knowing stuff, if you have enough money you can simply hire someone to tell you what to learn. THIS IS HAPPENING! The students who DO have the resources ARE hiring personal tutors, while those who either a) lack resources or b) need their time for other purposes, are not. I will acknowledge that there needs to be way to measure what students have retained throughout college and yes, there does need to be a standard, but my main issue with the current standard is the emphasis that is put on the scores. Striving for perfection is good, but when the playing field is unequal one cannot justly say that it is a valid measure for a person.







I have chills after reading this post. I literally feel like im going to throw up.. I will always reboot this.

real, actual issues in the world right now

This is happening in the world but people are worried about what a celebrity is going to name their child.


What the actual fuck. I could cry reading this. Wow

We need to end this..

This is important for everyone everywhere.

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The Republican Party.

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WARNING!! this tumblog will contain Doctor Who, Sherlock and science jokes :)